Friday, September 14, 2012

To Camotes

August 25, 2012

Sunny. Happy face. 

We were crossing our fingers for good weather as Typhoon Igme continues to exit the country. It was raining pretty hard before our trip to Camotes. However, the sun was up on the day and I was super happy about it. 

I was actually sharing this trip with my friend's family as an advanced birthday celebration for herself. Since we are local to Cebu, we just used public transportation to get to Danao Port which is the jump point to Consuelo, Camotes. 

There are at least 3 ways that I know of that will get us from Cebu to Danao. First is via bus in the North Bus Terminal. Second is the V-hire or vans that are stationed at SM City. I'm not familiar with the first two options as we choose to go by jeepney. Since it was still 7 am, this was the best option as they tend not to wait longer and people filled it quickly (well mostly).  

Travel took up about an hour and a half. We were almost, no, we were definitely late. We were just so lucky that the  coast guard or whoever was in charge didn't give the permission yet for the ship to leave. We were still able to buy tickets. They are usually punctual by the way so that was really such a relief. 

Schedules as of August 25
The disadvantage of arriving that  fashionably late was that the seats were full or some people were just plain selfish they were letting their bags sit instead of people. We managed to find seats on the second-level deck.  It worked out pretty well for us because we had the space for ourselves.  It had a great view of the sea and it was not packed with people so I got a good hour of some shut-eye. Next time, BE EARLY. Ha!

Camotes was a good 2 hours away and I was excited to see our boat getting father away from the port.  The perfect weekend began.
Danao Port

Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort was so waiting for me. :)
So relaxing.

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