Sunday, January 15, 2012

2011 - Manila

I was excited for two thousand eleven to start because it meant leaving the depressing two thousand ten behind. 
And it started with a welcome banner.

A new job brought me to Manila for training and I stayed at a dorm-type apartment near Makati with my other colleagues. I had a wonderful 4-month workation. Everyone was very accommodating and really tried to help us settle in. The job was a bit difficult at first because of the 3-month long training that we had to go through before "graduating." However, with the ever helpful training staff we made it. 

But what is Manila without fun right?
- Tagaytay. Check. Though I didn't go. Grinch. :) 
- Cagayan de Oro. Check. Yes. They allowed us to go home with an all-expense paid airplane tickets. (Thanks!)

- Clark Airbase Festival. Check. It was my first Hot Air Balloon festival. We arrived at dawn and thankfully found a place near the wired fence where the balloons were being set-up. We stayed for the whole day, going around the field taking pictures of the various booths on display.  We rested a bit at SM Clark, had lunch at McDonalds, pretended to read books at National Bookstores to pass time. (feeling geeks! ) We waited until sunset for the "night" part of the festival and witnessed Darth Vader light up. We went home immediately after that to avoid the rush of people leaving the area. 

- Bamboo Organ Church. Check. Endless cam-whoring as usual. We visited their museum and went through the tour. The guide showed us old relics, piano keys, pictures, articles about the Bamboo Organ's history since it started. Unfortunately, we missed the choir and the festival.