Friday, December 7, 2007

Who was your last?

Who was your last?

Rule 1:
If you opened this you GOTTA take it.

Rule 2:
You are NOT ALLOWED to explain
ANYTHING unless someone messages you
and asks

Rule 3:
Only answer truthfully

"Who was your last?"


1. Had a beer with?
-- Nadz, Joy
2. Went to the movies with?
-- shy and joy
3 . Went to the mall with?
-- cuzins shy and joy
4. Talked on the phone with?
-- papa
5 . Made you laugh?
-- joy
6. You hugged?
-- joy
7. You yelled at?
-- can't remember, don't usually yell

1. Pierce your nose or tongue?
-- nose
2. Be serious or be funny?
-- funny
3. whole milk or skim milk?
-- whole milk
4. Die in a fire or get shot?
-- get shot

1 . Sun or moon?
-- moon
2. Winter or Fall
-- fall
3. Left or right?
-- right
4 . Sunny or rainy?
-- rainy
5 . Peach or Pear?
-- peach
6 . Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut
-- twirl
7. Do You Cook?
-- no, but i'll learn..:-)
8. Current mood?
-- musical

1. Kissed someone?
-- no, unfortunately..haha
2. Sang?
-- Da
3. Been hugged?
-- Da
4. Danced Crazy?
-- nope
5 . Cried?
-- nope

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Spotting Chelsea

It is quite difficult to spot Chelsea FC products used or worn by people or displayed in sports boutique. I'm glad I have seen a few people wearing them. The first one while I was walking in Morayta, second in Buendia, third in Glorietta. I haven't took photos because they were either far away or just a quick pass. But the fourth one is different. He's a co-trainee in Manila Adventist Medical Center Critical Care Training. We aren't friends but I was dumbfounded when I saw him came during lessons wearing a CFC kit. I immediately went to get his picture, with permission of course. And here it is: Lithium_high742


Lithium_high782 Lithium_high745


And what's more. I was window shopping at Isetann Recto when I saw a Chelsea ball to my surprise. It's good to note that the Mall was so politically correct with the description. It's football not soccer. hehe.Lithium_high735

Blue is the color.

Movie Quote: The Interpreter

The gunfire around us makes it hard to hear.
But the human voice is different from other sounds.
It can be heard over voices that bury everything else.
Even when it's not shouting.
Even when if it's just a whisper.
Even the lowest whisper can be heard over armies
when it's telling the truth.